Year:  Top: 1974 Second: 1978 Third: Mid 80s Fourth: 1986 Sixth: 1988 Seventh: 1974 Eighth: 1975? Ninth: 1986 Tenth & Eleventh: 1981
Driver:   Dave Leckonby

Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Krusj

Second Photo: The LV Vault

Third Photo: Bobby Ely

Fourth Photo: Chalmitty B

Fifth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Sixth Photo: Chalmitty B

Seventh Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Eighth Photo: Mitch Lester

Ninth Photo: BC Designs

Tenth & Eleventh: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:  

Top: Chuck Ely

Second: Chuck Ely

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Sixth Photo: Unknown

Seventh Photo: Unknown

Eighth Photo: Unknown

Ninth Photo: BC Designs

Tenth & Eleventh: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Leck in his second year of racing (according to Bobby Ely) is shown in the old hand-me-down 115L coach, that was made available when the Tremontís built the beautiful new pinto for Chuck Ely, also in the photo.

Second Photo: Leck posing next to the famous Hellwig #37 in a car which he had a lot of success. Leck acquired this Hellwig seat when Doug Garrison retired.

Third Photo: My first instinct when I saw this picture was Dave Leckonby, but then Bobby Ely was quick to point out Billy Pauch also shoed this car.Iím now confused.

I know if this turns into a debate, I can get in touch with my go to Leck fan, and sheíll know for sure, for now, let the debate begin.

Fourth Photo: The always fast Leck puts the 3D machine through itís paces on the high banks back in 1986.

Fifth Photo: Dave at Syracuse in the Zebra paint scheme.

Sixth Photo: Dave and one of the first ďnew styleĒ bodies DIRT had imposed on the modified field.I believe Dave won the Valley season opener that year with this car.

Seventh Photo: A very young Dave Leckonby gets ready to tackle the high banks as a team driver to Chuck Ely aboard the familiar Tremont owned 115ís.

 Eighth Photo: A fantastic picture of perhaps the first ride for Leck in the Hellwig #37.

Ninth Photo: Dave Leckonby readies for the Syracuse 200 in Cliff Barcombís renumbered 71 Troyer car.Part of me thinks this may be 1985, the year Swindell took the other Barcomb #11 and put her on the pole, this was also the year Buzzie Ruetimann was involved in the horrific crash with Swindell.

Both theories are thrown out the window though if you look at the date stamp on the photo.I knew Syracuse has been racing a long time, but didnít realize they had Troyerís and Olsenís back in 1385 at the Moody Mile.

Tenth: Looking a lotta bit like the Brenn 24 of that era, the Williams #44 had some impressive chauffers in the past, and Leck was one of them here at Syracuse circa 1981.

Eleventh: Dave ventured out into the Winged Sprinters with this #37 of his, this time against the big boys in the World of Outlaws at Syracuse.There was something significant I canít remember about Dave winning a sprint car race.Maybe it was his first attempt behind the wheel of one at a mid NY state track?


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