Year:  19??, 1973?, Mid 70ís to mid 80ís, 1978, Mid 70's, 1976, 1980, 1978,
Driver:   Claude Hoard
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Big Pete

Second Photo: Charlie Parise

Third thru Sixth Photos: Jeff MacIntosh

Seventh: Bobby Ely

Eighth: Arnie Ainsworth

Ninth: John Gallant Jr.

Tenth: John Gallant Jr.

Eleventh: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Jane Parise

Third thru Sixth Photos: All unknown

Seventh: Chuck Ely

Eighth: Arnie

Ninth: Unknown

Tenth: John Gallant Jr.

Eleventh: John Gallant Jr.


The Back Story:

Top: Just another win for Claude Hoard in the Peanut Pierce 272.

Second: Claude Hoard really lets it hang as he sets up to blast down the long Valley straight-aways, being closely hounded by Pittsfield, MAís Jimmy Langenback.

Third thru Sixth:

The pride of Vermont Claude Hoard always had a strong following at Lebanon Valley, and one of his biggest fans was Jeff MacIntosh who supplied these awesome pictures.Many of us can relate to Jeffís devotion to his favorite driver, buying whatever items he could get his hands with any Claude on it, or as many of have done, made his own apparel and novelty items when said items couldnít be had.Hereís Jeffís words on his childhood idol, and try to admit we all didnít feel this way about our heroís:

I could have been this guys marketing manager by the age of 8...

When I was in second grade, my mom bought me a gold sweater to sew on the 8 inch patch of Claude's old coach car (#272) you already have on your site. Somewhere out there is a picture of me with a pillow I made in middle school Home Ec class standing next to Claude in the pits next to his car. I sewed the words Claude Hoard 272, in gold letters on an orange pillow so I had something to sit on in the stands. One of my biggest heartbreaks was when someone stole my hat which to my dismay I couldn't get with an orange brim so I had to settle for red with Claude Hoard 272 on it.

A few years ago I looked him up. and sure enough he's still kickin around in Bennington, and he comes to the track for Boomer's Performance night every year. I had a chance to meet him in one of the tower suites to talk for a few minutes, and although Claude's hair went from red to silver over the years, I still felt like that 11 year old kid with that pillow in my hand. I'm not sure he knew what to do with the attention, he seemed like a quiet fellow now. But I hope to meet up with him again sometime for a beer or something.

Seventh: One of the best pure talents to ever grace the valley High Banks, Claude Hoard won in both the Sportsman and Modified division regulary.After tons of Sportsman victories, Claude has just picked up his career first Modified win on July 1st, 1978 aboard the always fast Bedell #3.

Eighth: Different look for the Boomer Bedell #3

Ninth: Iím pretty sure Claude bagged one of his numerous point championships in this slick looking car.

Tenth: One must think Claude Hoard would have been at the top of the list of possible candidates to grab the First BM&F 320 contest at the Moody Mile, but as you can see by John Gallantís notes, it didnít go as well as expected for the Valley Hotshoe.

Claude Hoard #272, Guaranteed starter from Lebanon Valley, for the 1st Annual B,M & F Sportsman Invitational Race. Started in 28th and finished in 23rd. (Held on October 12,1980)

Eleventh: The car Claude snagged his first LV BB feature win in.The date was July 1st., 1978


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