Year:  Top 19?? Second and Third 1968 Fourth & Fifth 196? Sixth 1976 Seventh 1972 Eighth 1974 Ninth 1974 Tenth and Eleventh 1975 (maybe 77) Twelfth Late 1975 Thirteenth 1980
Driver:   Chuck Ely


Photos Contributed by:   Bob Ely

Sixth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Seventh Photo: Aintgotime4this

Eighth Photo: Aintgotime4this

Ninth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Tenth and Eleventh Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Twelfth: Bob Ely

Thirteenth: Steve Lloyd



Photos Credits: Chuck Ely

Sixth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Seventh Photo: Hertica Photo

Eighth Photo: Hertica Photo

Ninth Photo: Unknown

Tenth and Eleventh Photo: Unknown

Twelfth: Ely Photos

Thirteenth: Steve Lloyd


The Back Story:

Top Photo:

Chuck records a win, and his family and the entire Tremont bunch join him in victory lane.


Second Photo:

A personal favorite for Chuckís son, Bob, here Chuck poses next to his famous Casper 5 Limited Sportsman, a car in which he captured the 1967 and 68 point championships at Lebanon Valley with.


Third Photo:

One of 10 victories on the season for Chuck Ely in the Casper 5 at Lebanon Valley.Chuck is congratulated by Limited Sportsman hot shoe in his own right Bob Gaskill, now famous of Bobís Camper and RV in Hancock Massachusetts.

The Colonial Sunoco and Panther snowmobile dealership out of Williamstown, MA you see lettered on the car is that of Gaskillsí, who eventually aided Ely into getting his own snowmobile dealership a few years later.


Fourth & Fifth Photos:

Bobby Ely shared a couple of pictures of his late father and a very young Ken Tremont Sr. from the first year the duo set out to set the racing world on fire.Ken was the last car owner Chuck would drive for until his retirement following the 1981 campaign at LV.Young Ken went on in 1982 as the solo pilot for Tremont Racing, garnering his first LV triumph and points championship along the way.


Sixth Photo:

Chuck Ely on the gas through turns 3 and 4 at Syracuse in the Tremont 115.


Seventh Photo: Another shot of Chuck aboard the Tremont 115 coach.Check out the super nifty mini stock in the background.


Eighth Photo: Just a thought.... Has anyone ever really pondered the history of Ken Tremont, Sr's involvement in racing at Lebanon Valley?  This man has been fielding cars at LV since the late 1950's. That is a commitment of 50 plus years!!  Just consider the man hours, energy and Dollars that have been expended by him (and his crew), building and maintaining cars and engines for that period of time.

       I do not know Ken Tremont personally, but I am in awe of his career as a car owner/builder. I cannot think of any other person/team in Modified racing with that kind of longevity. Ken and his Family/Support Personnel are certainly #1 in the Lebanon Valley Hall of Fame category. (I ain't got time, but I sure got an opinion).


Sincerely, aintgotime4this


We couldnít agree with you anymore Mr. 4this, you hit the nail on the head! The LVC staff (2)

Ninth Photo: Arnie went into his archive to share with us this picture of Chuck in the Tremont 115 from back in the days when he was part of the 115 crew.

Tenth and Eleventh: A Couple of pictures of the Tremont Chevette with Chuck Ely aboard.

Twelfth: Bobby Ely was excited to find this picture of his Dad and Jack Johnson.Bobby remember this night well, the picture was taken at Devils Bowl after the 1975 Syracuse Qualifier.Jack had won the 100 lapper, and Chuck was 2nd.However, Jack already had a guaranteed spot thus handing the preferred qualified status over to Chuck. Devils Bowl was one of the tracks that didnít offer a guaranteed spot but were able to award ďpreferredĒ starter for the big one on the Moody Mile.The difference was guaranteed was just that, show up and you were in the show, but preferred only meant you had to do two things:

1:Show up

2:To get in the show, you had to time trial at least a second faster than the slowest time trailer

I remember when Beech Ridge speedway in Maine was a dirt track that ran asphalt modifieds had a Syracuse Qualifier, and the tracks representative, in his low slung Mod tried to crack the field, but wasnít fast enough and didnít make the grid.

Thirteenth: Iím actually not a 100% sure thatís Gollub in the #16, it may be Fritz Epright, but either way, a really cool mid-week shot of a Syracuse qualifier, or Mr. Dirt show from the lens of Steve Lloyd.

See Chuck in the Mini Stock


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