Year:  19??, 1989
Driver:   Chris Moore
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Top Photo: Big Pete

Second Photo: Hot Rod

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Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Hot Rod

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Another feature win for Chris.

Chris is one of only a few driver to capture 15 Modified feature wins in his first 10 years. August 8, 1992 to June 29, 2002.

Having the good fortune to have the legendary Williams and Kingsley crew as his wrenches, made for a successful run wherever Chris competed.

Second Photo: Back in 1989 Chris Moore was still running the LV sportsman, but decided to take a chance at qualifying for the annual Race of Kings.  With the help of the Williams and Kingsley crew, the outfitted Chris with a roller cam and other necessities to run with the 358’s, and the result was a guaranteed spot in the Mile 358 race.  Chris, upon being informed he won one of the coveted 4 guaranteed spots being given out, said to motor man, Dickie Williams, “Now what did you get me into?”

Running the high side (as usual) outside of Chris is Toby Tobias and behind Chris is the sleek #026 of Newt Hartman.



Chris with his support      The Pepsi Ride     Syracuse     Chris and Tony Stewart     The Overbaugh 10



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 I have place additional photos of Chris' various cars in the photo gallery


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