Year:  1985
Driver:   Charlie Lewis
Photo Contributed by:

Top: John Gallant Jr.

Second: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:

Top: John Gallant Sr.

Second: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: A lot of good stories came in from the LVC faithful about Charlie Lewis and his “Risky Business” Troyer #73, who was a pretty popular driver at the Valley in the 80’s, thanks in part to the rarity of having a pink race car, that somehow, as LVC regular Bert Poland pointed out, that Uncle Art called the “Purple Can”.

Charlie got his start in racing after purchasing a Stan Wetmore #73, and after getting his feet wet for a year, came out the following season with this immaculate best of everything Morollo powered Troyer, quite a step up from his previous ride.  Charlie gave it his all but didn’t encounter a great deal of success, but did have some good nights as randy Glenski got behind the wheel and turned in some good performances in the “Purple Can”

Second: This is the vehicle that got Charlie his feet wet on the high banks, a former Stanley Wetmore #73 (betcha I didn’t have to tell many people who owned this car formerly)


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