Year:  Mid 1980's and 1985
Driver:   Clarence Donald Coville
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Chalmitty B

Second: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top: Unknown

Second: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story: 

Top: A lot has been written about, and ever more has been said, about Clarence Donald Coville, and most of it is very opinionated when those feelings have been expressed.  Better known as C.D. Coville around these parts, regardless of what was said, one thing is for certain, and that is when C.D. hit the speedway, he was going to make it exciting.  Coville joined LV as a regular in the 80’s, and with the prominent backing from the Hauser Brothers, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with, immediately stirring up the ire of a young Kenny Tremont and the rest of the Valley regulars.

C.D. may most be remembered during his tenure as a Valley regular for the time he pole vaulted over the turn 4 boiler plate and cleared the valley fencing, landing somewhere over the turn 4 banking, on the grassy side.  C.D., and the car were actually OK, and if memory serves me correctly, went out and got a top 4 finish at Orange County with the same car the following night, or soon there after.

Second: This car always looked fast just sitting there.  This is the machine that CD pole vaulted (cleanly for a 9.9 from the judges) over the 4th turn wall at LV.


Additional Comments:  Bobby Ely was quick to point out I had CD’s middle name wrong, as it is “Donald, and not Davis.  Oops, my bad. HR


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