Year:  19??, Early to mid 70’s
Driver:   Bruce Berger
Photos Contributed by:  Brian Berger Photo Credits:   Whoever pushed the button.
The Back Story: 
Top Photo: Bruce competed at the Valley on and off until about 1979.  “Big Daddy” was a major player at LV as a car owner for many decades, compiling an impressive array of drivers who won feature event victories all across the Northeast and Canada. M. (Mick) Martin more than likely did the lettering having the Dalton Auto Body sponsorship.

Look around, there is plenty already on our site about Bruce and his cars and drivers with much more to come. Stay tuned.

Second Photo: Maybe one of thee coolest cars ever, Bruce Berger’s fast back Mustang #606.  The body on this car (I believe the chassis survived) met it’s fate on the back of a flat bed, as the entire roll back, car still strapped on, flopped over on the way to the speedway, sending the skin on Berger’s mount to the boneyard.


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