Year:  1993, 1991
Driver:   Bobby Albert
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Chalmitty B

Second Photo: BC Designs

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Bobby Albert was a consistent and strong runner through the 90’s at LV, scoring 3 wins on the high banks.  Bobby later went on to score some wins at the Fonda Speedway when he left LV in the 2000’s.  At the risk of sounding off on something I’m not a 100% sure about, I believe Albert was a 3rd generation pilot, whose grandfather raced midgets.

Now we’re not talking about today’s ultra cool safe midgets that people may associate Tony Stewart with tooling around at the Chili bowl in his spare time, but lethal, no roll cage or seat belt, chest hair inducing demons.  The men who piloted those death traps, in my opinion, must have ate to them what is Cheerio’s and milk, a bowl of metal washers and vinegar.  The men who had accidents like this  would probably roll over in their midget induced early graves if they ever saw a safety device like this , especially since back then they called roll cages “Sissy Bars”.

Second Photo: Pretty unique wide body look on this Bobby Albert Tobias creation.


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