Year:  early 1970s 1972 1971
Driver:   Bobby Leach
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Top: Bobby Ely

Second: Aintgotime4this

Third: Aintgotime4this


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Top: Ely Photos

Second: Hertica Photo

Third Photo: Hertica Photo

The Back Story:

Mystery Driver # 85

Quite possibly one of thee butt ugliest cars to ever circle the speedway, and I apologize for saying that to the owner of the car, the late Arnold Fluery. Talk about a mean machine though, A fuel injected Big Block, on 14 wide tires, on a rudimentary stock chassis, yeah, it took a man steer this behemoth.

Word is this car is the former Prescott #24 wheeled by T.C. and Butch Jelley.

Second Photo: This is the car in the Mystery Driver picture with a coat of yellow paint in 1972. It is described in my notes as the former Cagle, then Prescott #24. I believe this car was run by Cagle at Devils Bowl. Owned by Arnold Fluery's J&F Enterprises.

Third Photo:There was an era at Lebanon Valley when Late Model-bodied cars such as this competed against the Sportsman/Modified Coupes and Coaches, which were limited to a carburetor and gasoline. The Late Models though, were allowed to run fuel injection and methanol. Several guys tried the Late Model/Injector type car including Pete Corey, Wilson/Lawrence and Dexter Dorr. As I remember, Dexter enjoyed the most success of that group with his red #143  '57 Chevy.


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