Year:  1978
Driver:   Bobby Haswell
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Top: John Gallant Jr.


Photo Credits:

Top: Unknown

The Back Story:

Most who have been around Lebanon Valley for a while will agree that Bobby Haswell was one of thee most naturally talented drivers to hit the high banks. Bobby started out in the then Sportsman (358 now) division, and I believe was a winner by his 4th in the division. This coming from a dude who had no previous experience in any of the lower divisions at LV.

Bobby ended up moving up to the Modified division in his newly numbered #19 which were always gorgeous cars, and prompltly went out and scored a Big Block Modified feature.

Then, Bobby just diappeared. Id heard He was running some of the Pennsylvania tracks after He left LV, but that is not 100% confirmed. Bobby still lives in the Capital District area, and we at LVC with the help of some our faithful visitors, can get in touch with Bobby and let you know what He is up to.



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