Year:  1986
Driver:   Bobby Chenette
Photo Contributed by:  Andy Skumin Photo Credits:  A. Skumin photo
The Back Story:


One thing was certain when you attended LV during the 80ís, and that was you were going see a boat load of Chenettes at the pit area.You had the above pictured Bobby, former Big Block SS extraordinaire and 358 hot shoe Jimmy, and Dave, who was a force in the DIRT legal class.You even had sister Kathy Chenette helping her brothers out and I believe was employed by the speedway in some capacity, or it sure seemed like it.

This nifty 52 had quite an existence, as Bobby later sold it to a young Chris Moore, who was already competing in the SS ranks but decided he needed an equipment upgrade, which was then later sold to Raciní Jason Barnes, to which all guys collected feature wins with the unit.My name is

Don Thorpe wrote us with a correction.

I owned that #52 with my partner Mike Adair that Bobby Drove. Bobby did not own this car. I sold it to Chris Moore. After I sold the car to Chris Moore, I purchased a car from Ken Tremont for Bobby for the "Sportsman" class.


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