Year:  Early 1970's 1973? 1974
Driver:   Bob Duzlak Sr.
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Anonymous

Second: Charlie Parise

Third: Mitch Lester

Photo Credits:  

Top: Anonymous

Second: Jane Parise

Third: Mitch Lester

The Back Story:

Top: Maybe, Possibly, one of the most awesome mini-stocks ever.

A Brother in-law to Russ Blake, Bob Duzlak wheeled out this super smooth mini-stock ride back in the early 70ís, which epitomized creativity and a league of racing that had no boundaries.

Second: Mitch LesterBob Duzlak never won with this sleek mini, as it was hard sailing back in that day to crack the win circle between Ray Vanassee, Hackel, Bob Delarm, Tony Laporta and Ralph Perrone.


Bob did flourish in the street stock small block division in the 80ís, winning multiple times.He then passed the torch on to his sons, Robbie, who won championships in the small block division, and Ricky, who captured many SS features.

Third: Mitch Lester Looks like opening day at Lebanon Valley and Iím sure the excitement is high.It also is apparent that paint brushes didnít have spell check back then, as evidenced by the lettering on the hood.Still a great looking Mini-Stock, minor flaws and all.

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