Year:  Late 80’s to 1990
Driver:   Bob Hummer Sr.
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Top: Bob Hummer


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Top: Unknown

The Back Story: 


1st photo:  When Car owner Bob Hummer arrived on the racing scene, He brought with him some of the best looking equipment in the Northeast, with some of the best drivers to ever twist a wheel in the Northeast in the drivers seat.  Those drivers included but may not be limited to, Jack Johnson, Bobby Hummer, Dave Blaney and the gentlemen pictured in this ride, Mr. Brett Hearn.

2nd photo:  This was the “new style” bodied car that Hummer had Jumpin’ Jack piloting.

3rd photo:  Syracuse 1990, and the R7 team is ready to tackle the mile with future NASCAR hotshoe Dave Blaney and son Bobby Hummer.



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