Year:  1983
Driver:   Bob Chalmers Sr.
Contributed by:

John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story: 

Top:  I will start off with my apologies to Mr. Chalmers.  His son Bobby Jr. gave us a bunch of old racing photos to use on LVC, with the condition that I use none of the ones He had of Bob Sr. on the site.  I abided by that rule, but since these came from John Gallant, that is different right?  (I had an aggresive fist shaked at me, sorry Bob)

Bob has been a fixture however at LV, and deserves some recognition.  He got his start with this ex Corellis #57, but soon decided He liked being an owner more than a driver.  He had many successful cars over the years, driven by talented shoes such as Jimmy Chenette, Brian Kerk and Stanley Wetmore to name some.  He then got his son Bobby Jr. started at a very young age in the Sportsman class, where they were serious contenders and were always near the front in the final point standings.

Bob got out of owning cars a few years ago, but is still visiable at the track with his young sons parts business, DMC racing products.


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