Year:  1976
Driver:   Bill Gleason
Contributed by:

Dave DeLoye

Photo Credits:  

Dave DeLoye

The Back Story: 

 This is a car that was run at the Valley in 1976. The driver is Bill Gleason. This is a car Bill bought from Bob Hellwig, it  was going to be for Doug Garrison but I believe he was going to a Schwinning chassis. Bill built this in his Boces shop class in High School.  Bill raced from 1974 to 1981.

On a side note, we would run Sat. Night at the Valley, and then I would haul it up to Devils Bowl on  Sunday with a young teenage Art Collins squeezed between Me and Bill in my pickup. I picked up our big sponsor Teddy's Pittsfield House of Pizza. He was a Great guy to give a young kid some money to run a race car!!!

This picture was taken in front of Arts house in Chatham N.Y.


Dave Deloye


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