Year: 50's and Early 60's
Driver:   Biagio Albertazzi
Photos Contributed by:

Top Photo: John Marchisio

Second Photo: John Marchisio

Third Photo: John Marchisio

Fourth Photo: John Marchisio

Fifth Photo: John Marchisio

Sixth Photo: John Marchisio

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Unknown

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Ray Williams

Sixth Photo: Ray Williams

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: "Rollover Biagio" as he was called, had a little trouble with turn 4. Over and Over and Over again. He owned, built, drove and fixed his own machines and yet look at his smile. He had just destroyed his ride. I was told that Biagio didn't hardly ever hit the turn 4 wall but would end up near Route 20 facing Albany after clearing the wall completely.

Second Photo: A team shot of Smokey Joe Saldo, John Marchisio, Biagio Albertazzi and Biagio's son, Reno Albertazzi.

Third Photo:  John Marchisio, Biagio and Smokey Joe. Bearded Brothers of Berkshire. Bearded for the Pittsfield Massachusetts bicentennial in 1961.

Fourth Photo: I'll bet turn 4

Fifth Photo: June 20th 1959, still on his wheels, with a win.

Sixth Photo: The ambulance was called out on July 18, 1959, after a session of mayhem on the high banks. Notice what looks to be an recent increase in wall height and Howie Westervelt in the Toll Gate Ice Cream Machine looking like he in a discussion with a driver involved in the pile up. Maybe discussing the weather?


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